Thursday, January 8, 2009

Japanese eye make up

While I don't care too much for Japanese fashion (perhaps due to my poor outfit co-ordinating skills) I'm starting to really LOVE the way they do their eye make up.

Perhaps having only seen western methods of doing eye make up most my life.. which we all know only works on a select lucky few of those asian eyes.. (my friend went to have a "make over" done at one of those counters only to end up looking like she had a black eye from all the eyeshadow and crap they piled on)....

Anyways, here are some of my favorite looks, found from random places across the internet.

And here is a look I'm not so keen on..

Look where her real eye ends.. and how far they dragged the eyeliner down... o_O!!

Maybe she can fool someone from a distance that her eyes are realy that big.. but I think if u look up close it looks kinda freaky and gross o_O

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HimeHood said...

i love how they do their make up too!! it looks so fresh and clean!!