Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yes, it's true.. i'm just a *little* bit of a goddamn wow geek....

Why oh why blizzard do you have to make this game so addictive..

I've tried quitting not once.. not twice.. but THREE TIMES!! Yet you still draw me back in! Why oh WHYYyyyy *wails*..

You hinder my academic progress, rob me of my sleep, clutter up space in my room and take my money every monthh... aiiii....

(These are the reasons I won't date gaming guys!! heeeheeeheee)

But dammit it's just too damn addictive.. ahaaa

Some of my game cards (I've bought more than this tho...)

My Wow 2009 calender.. (OMG can u say.. LOSER!!)

But it really does look nice.. and it came with stickers!! XD

And recently.. I found these lying on a random shelf at work..

So now they are on top of my shelf at home.. haha...

My toons(that I play):

80 Warlock - My 'main'

It's naked coz my gear is like... crap and I'm ashamed.. =.=

77 drood

Will respec resto once 80 since I can't tank for shiet!

67 Pally

Leveled this as a DE bitch and crusader auraaaa!!


lilnigglet said...

LMAO oh lordd.. wow addict!

adisonlu said...

oh wtf u still play.... i brought Wotlk and played it for one hour and gave up... there is nothing new in this game.