Monday, January 12, 2009

Recent stuff I've bought

Some random stuff I've bought this week~~

The style stick shadows by Missha in these 3 colors:




I love these.. they aren't price and are super easy to use and lasts all day ^_^ The style perfect pen eyeliner

I bought this coz I've saw this pro japanese make up artist use something similar..
However the formula in this one isn't too dark

I guess it's not too bad for everyday make up.. not too great either tho

Oven pop blusher in No. 2 Peach.

Haven't tried it yet.. hmmmm.. must go find some tutes..

I'm a blusher nublet...

This gold butterfly necklace..

(very hard to take a nice pic of it)

And finally...

Heat up Teddy!!

Isn't he just adorable.. I saw him sitting on a table looking lonely so I took him home ;)

He's got the most adorable fat tummy and short arms and legs. There's this wheat bag inside him that you heat up and then u can use him as a kind of a heaty thing that you hug when its cold.

And the packaging with his head and arms sticking out was just too cute =D

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